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Stocking up at Costco for potential coronovirus quarantine

So I’m on line at Costco, the mood heavy all around me, as I buy peanut butter and pinto beans in case we’re quarantined due to coronavirus, and it’s 9/11 all over again.

It’s not our first time back to planning for attack, of course. There have been too many storms of war and weather throughout the past eighteen years to count, and my daughters who were just six and one when the towers fell are now in their twenties.

My intense nurturing hormones of young motherhood have given way to menopause, which free me from complete and total paralysis in aisle eight of my local Publix supermarket as happened all those years ago and perhaps, I guess, strengthen me for the eldercare responsibilities that now tug on me daily.

Time has mellowed me in some ways and made me more accepting of life and death and the inevitable fallibility of humanity. However, I still believe that dignity and kindness can forge a new path forward and our best days as a species are yet to come.

And, yes, I know you are out there, young mothers, perhaps far more prepared than I ever was for the constant instability of seemingly-everything because your children dodge the bullets of online bullying and hide in closets from potential shooters, neither of which my children had to do. So props to you, and hugs and love and light.

And just as I stood on the shoulders of mothers before me (whose lived experiences were likewise dramatically different from mine in many ways), I offer you my shoulders as well. Yet perhaps if you don’t want any part of that — if a simple “ok, boomer”* sums me up for you — then please just know I see you and I support you, in whatever way I can. The filament of motherhood will always connect us across generations and around the world.

For what it’s worth, I have noticed that things seem to get better when you plant a seed.

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If you are interested in three simple steps to provide healthy food for your children, you may or may not find a seed of something useful in this post titled Because Children Don’t Wait. They Grow Up.

* I am from the very tail-end of that generation. I accept the criticism that I have not yet finished my job and left a better world for future generations. I am trying.

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